Microfiber Rag Bag 50 per Bag

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Discover the ultimate solution for your cleaning needs with our versatile Microfiber Rag Bag 50 per Bag, designed for both dry and wet cleaning tasks. Say goodbye to heavy soils and grime, as our rags effortlessly deliver a streak-free, lint-free polish and finish. Each bag contains 50 microfiber cleaning rags in assorted colors and sizes, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every job (with a minimum size of 12 x 12 in.). Experience unparalleled absorbency and comfort, providing maximum coverage for all your cleaning tasks.

Forget about wasting money on disposable paper towels—our engineered and affordableMicrofiber Rag Bag 50 per Bag can be reused and laundered hundreds of times, offering incredible savings over time. From washing and drying to detailing, these rags are your go-to solution for all cleaning projects. Perfect for use in the kitchen, tackling spills, grease, grime, oil, and even cleaning tools, paint brushes, and auto parts due to their remarkable durability.

Experience streak-free drying perfection with our microfiber cleaning rags. Say hello to efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in your cleaning routine.

Assorted Sizes, 50 microfibers per bag

Wiping Rags, Wypall Wipers, MDI Wipers, Soyl Soap