KC 05701 Wypall L40 Wiper

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KC 05701 Wypall Wipers

Absorbing large liquid spills & leaks • Routine industrial cleaning & maintenance • Removing soils and liquids from face and hands KC 05701  WYPALL L40 DRC Wipers  are an outstanding general-purpose wiper with good performance in a wide range of industrial cleaning and personal wiping tasks. 

WYPALL L40 DRC Wipers  feature unique DRC (Double Re-Creped) base sheet technology.  This unique process creates an absorbent sponge-like inner layer that absorbs liquids fast, with a soft, touchable outer layer.

  • KC 05701 Wypall L40 Wipers 12" x 13", 1/4 fold, White, 18 packs of 56 wipers 

* Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. America's Favorite Disposable Wiper!