KC 05701 Wypall L40 Wiper

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KC 05701 Wypall L40 Wipers stand out as meticulously crafted from bonded cellulose, employing advanced DRC (double re-creped) technology to achieve a harmonious blend of durability, plushness, and absorbency. These multifaceted utility wipes are precision-engineered to adeptly soak up a diverse range of substances, including liquids, lubricants, and oils, rendering them exceptionally suitable for a myriad of environments.

In restaurants, they excel at effortlessly wiping down counters, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards with ease. In mechanic shops, their ability to absorb oils and lubricants makes them indispensable for tidying workspaces and equipment. Industrial facilities benefit from their versatility in handling various spills and messes, contributing to a more efficient and organized work environment. Commercial factories find them invaluable for general cleaning tasks, ensuring surfaces are free from contaminants and residue.

Overall, the adaptability and performance of KC 05701 Wypall L40 Wipers make them an indispensable asset across a wide spectrum of settings, guaranteeing optimal cleanliness, productivity, and convenience wherever they are employed.

  • Size: 12 x 12.5 inches
  • Material: DRC
  • Color: White
  • Put up: 1/4 fold
  • Quantity: 18 packs of 56 wipers

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