Colored T Shirt Rags 50 lb box

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Colored T-Shirt Rags 50 lb box of rags are crafted by cutting up t-shirts, providing a versatile and multi-purpose wiper suitable for handling water, grease, or oil. Opting for the 50 lb boxes proves advantageous for those seeking cost savings compared to purchasing 10 lb bags from retail stores. These recycled colored cotton rags are not only soft and absorbent but also excel in various applications within your warehouse setting.

Their versatility makes them ideal for use in auto shops, general shops, factories, and manufacturing facilities alike. Whether you need to tackle spills, wipe down surfaces, or perform general cleaning tasks, these rags offer a reliable and cost-effective solution that ensures optimal performance across different environments.

  • Colored T-Shirt Wiping Rags 50 lb box of rags

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