What are Lint Free Cloths?

What are Lint Free Cloths? - Wiping Rag World

Lint-free cloths or wipers are specialized cleaning cloths designed to minimize or eliminate the shedding of lint or fibers during use. They are commonly used in environments where cleanliness and precision are paramount, such as laboratories, cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing, and automotive detailing.

These wipers are typically made from materials such as lint free microfiber, polyester, or specially treated cotton to ensure that they leave no residue or lint behind when wiping surfaces. Lint-free rags or wipers are essential for tasks where contamination from lint or fibers could compromise product quality or sensitive equipment.

They provide a reliable solution for achieving streak-free, residue-free cleaning results, making them ideal for industries that demand the highest standards of cleanliness and performance.

Please note: don't be fooled by labeling that says lint free.  Unless its ISO rate Cleanroom certified for lint free, its probably not as lint free as you think.  Try Virtually Lint Free Cloths or Low Lint Rags at less expensive price, as they might work for your application.

There is no such thing as the Best Lint Free Cloth...Here are some options for virtually lint free wipers at WipingRagWorld.com