Genie Graffiti Wipe, 50 Pouches
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Genie Graffiti Wipe, 50 Pouches of 2 Wipes/pouch

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Genie Graffiti Wipes are industrial strength towelettes that have been pretreated with our special graffiti remover and then packaged in convenient sealed pouches.

Require no special equipment or training
They will remove all types of graffiti like spray paint, magic marker, etc
They do not deplete the ozone layer
They do not contain methylene chloride
They do not have any carcinogens acids or caustics
They work well in hot or cold weather
Follow the instructions on the pouch containing Genie-Wipes

How is Graffiti Removed:  Just wipe the graffiti off a smooth surface with a GENE-WIPE, Keep rotating the wipe so the cleanest part is used, Use the GENE-WIPE until it is completely dry, Wipe the area where the graffiti was removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

GENIE-WIPES will remove graffiti from:

Locomotives/Railcars, Buses, Automotive paint, Lockers, Plastic Laminates, Washroom Partitions, Marble, Playground Equipment, Stain less Steel, Plexiglass, Most Factory Finishes

 Recommend pre testing a small inconspicuous area to make sure the surface is not affected.